First log jitters...

16 June 2020 — Written by Boahs

First log

The third overhaul for my website has been deployed! Behold the creation.

After long consideration of wanting to completely overhaul my personal portfolio website I decided to finally take a plunge into the gorge, and I'm very satisfied with what I've accomplished with this new design!

The first iteration of my website consisted of as a simple SPA that used some fancy CSS, and your basic HTML. I had it set up to present four of my latest projects, and a little bio/about me.

Taking things to the next level with the second iteration I decided to use gatsbyJS & graphQL. Gatsby has a lot going on for it - it's a little more complicated to use than your basic static site generators such as jekyll, and Bootstrap but once you start to understand the gatsby CLI things start rolling quite quickly.

Gatsby takes markdown files, and generates HTML files when the user loads your content resulting in very fast load times, and great SEO overall. To get started with gatsby just install the cli

npm install -g gatsby-cli
gatsby new gatsby-site

Change directories into site folder

cd gatsby-site

Start development server

gatsby develop

At this point Gatsby will start a hot-reloading development environment that is accessible by default at http://localhost:8000

Cool right?

The third, and final(so far) iteration is what you're looking at now. This'll be the first time I've actually bothered to write logs but I've been yearning for a while now to start posting, and conceptualizing the new things I learn somewhere, and I guess what better place would be my own little area? You might see 5-6 random problems I've solved on codewars, or an article on React. It'll just depend on what I'm doing that given day!

Now we'll go over some of the more interesting things I've integrated into the website.

Hopefully this will be the last version of we'll see how much I enjoy blogging :-)

— Boahs